Why Every Business Should Be ONLINE

Own a small business? Looking to grow your business with unlimited reach?  If this is you, I've got you boss!  Taking the time to build your brand online will open your customer base beyond local sales.

Potential clients are online right now planing their next day trip or vacation. A lot of local businesses are missing out on the online portion of advertising their business. The opportunity to be a destination location, to be added as a top stop for someone’s vacation or day trip is within your reach and the possibilities are endless!

It's time for you to cast a wider net and reach for those clients outside of your location. I want you to take a minute and think about going on a vacation or a day trip?  How are you going to plan your trip?

More than likely you are going to go ONLINE! 

In fact research says the first thing a majority of people do is search social media! They look for attractions, places to eat, or unique places to visit or shop nearby.  If you are not coming up in searches or consistent on social media then you are missing out on potential customers.

If you are not optimizing these FREE social media profiles then you are missing out on FREE advertising!  You are missing out on SALES!

3 Reasons Your Local Business Needs to Have an Online Presence

ONE - Accessibility 

How do people know how awesome your business is if they don't know about you?  A customer can not plan to visit, eat at, or shop your establishment if they do not even know you exist.

Customers want to have access to information on your small business at the click of a button.  The only way to do this is to be visible online and completely accessible to them. If they search and you don’t come up anywhere to be seen then you’ve missed out on sales and growth as a small business.  Being visible online and on social media is a must in this day and age.  

Two - Advertising

Social Media is FREE!  You can advertise your business, your services, your products, and more on social media.  People can tag you, they can share how much they love your business and in turn that brings more people in!

Three - Own your Audience

Are you prepared if things close down again? With the recent shut-downs many bushiness were left scrambling, many didn't have a way to contact their customers.  You need to have a localized spot online for people to still connect, communicate, and share with you.

Somewhere to spread the word at the click of a button.  This also gives you access to your customers even when they are not standing in front of you. 

Ending thoughts:

Every business needs to be online or at least on social media, it's free and easy! Get social today! If you're struggling to get online or to express your brand on social media, a virtual assistant/social media manager like myself could assist you.  Investing into the continuity of your business will drive sales and grow your business.

Book your FREE small business online presence evaluation HERE!

In this complimentary evaluation I will make suggestions on what you can do to grow your online presence, no obligations! 

 Contact me today to bring your business dreams to reality!

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Keep the dream alive,


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